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Do you know the advantages of thermal storage bricks?

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Do you know the advantages of thermal storage bricks?

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Heat storage bricks are widely used than clay and high-aluminum heat-resistant refractory bricks, and they account for a small proportion of the total output of heat-insulating lining materials. During the production of thermal storage bricks, the physical and chemical changes generally do not reach the equilibrium state at the firing temperature. There are also insufficiently fired refractory bricks. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity and stability of the furnace wall when the high temperature is applied during the action of the rotary kiln, every 5 to 8 layers are adopted. The masonry method in which the inner and outer walls are fastened to each other, that is, half of the heat storage brick is inserted into another brick layer, or fixed with a metal anchor.

The main advantages of thermal storage bricks are as follows:

1. Load softening temperature. This feature, as a key parameter index of thermal storage bricks, can be said to directly determine the ability to withstand high temperatures and the strength to withstand.

2. Chemical composition. For this feature of thermal storage bricks, it is mainly used to determine the overall properties of the material and the related quality.

Third, thermal shock resistance, this feature is mainly to help thermal storage bricks while the temperature rises and changes sharply, will not be damaged, damaged and other phenomena.

Fourth, the bulk density. Regarding the bulk density of heat storage bricks, the larger the unit density generally, the higher the density and the strength of the heat storage bricks. In addition, for the bulk density of thermal storage bricks, relevant manufacturers must strictly require the apparent pores of the entire product.

5. Compressive and flexural strength. The thermal storage bricks must not only withstand normal temperature during operation, but also need to face some shear pressures frequently. At this time, both the flexural strength and the compressive strength need to be very high.

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