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Dashiqiao Jiasheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0417-5917333 5926999

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Postcode: 115103


Contact: Mr. Ban 13840785833


Chenjia Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province

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Innovate to enhance value and serve the brand

Value innovation ascension, casting brand service

Truth-seeking, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative

The corporate culture is the driving force for the development of the company. Since its establishment, Jiasheng has paid attention to the construction of corporate culture. Based on the people-oriented, efficient and pragmatic management concept, the company spirit, corporate values, and business philosophy are passed on to each employee in a subtle way, thereby shaping A highly cohesive and loyal staff team is exactly the enthusiasm and creativity of each Jiasheng person to provide a steady stream of power for the development of the company.